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The app with countless other apps inside!

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What is this?

This is an undergraduate Capstone project for the University of Regina. It is a basic private appstore for the Android operating system.

Source Code

This project is open-source and all of the source code is available on GitHub!

Source Code
Feature 1

A home for your apps

Manage installed apps and discover new apps through our sleek interface. Vendors can also use the same dashboard to create new apps and groups to share with their users.

Power for Admins

Administrators gain access to a separate dashboard made specifically for viewing the big picture. The dashboard is optimized for operations ranging from approving new apps to changing system-wide settings.
Feature 2
Feature 3

Handheld Convenience

Any app you have access to can be downloaded and updated through our very own mobile app. After signing up, you can manage all of your apps directly from your phone.

Open Source!

We believe that open-source software makes the world better for everyone. Matryoshka is available to use both on our hardware or, if you choose, on your own hardware on-premises. Simply visit our GitHub and download the latest version of the application, deploy it to your hardware, and your own private appstore is ready to go!